Whats this all about

Well, thanks for asking!  I set this site up for a couple of reasons, first to have a place where you can find out about me, my background and my views and experience in the world of data management and analytics.

Additionally though, I wanted to create a place where I could be an ongoing part of this wonderful industry that has grown so much over the last 20 years.

I want to create something that ties me to the industry for the long term, that allows me to connect with the ever changing technology landscape and provides me with a vehicle to continue to connect and talk to the industry about the issues, innovation and changes we see.

As a Chief Data Officer I find it really important to remain connected, I hope this site will provide me with an opportunity to do that through my blog, and hopefully soon a podcast and video channel.

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Next Steps...

So now you have had a look around, I would love to stay in touch, please complete the form and I will ensure you get updates regularly on new blogs, interviews and videos.  I won't email you often, the most frequent will be once a week.  - Note button not in operation at the moment - drop me a line at chris@chrisbannocks.com